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No Glue? No Harm? Try Magnetic Eyeliner!

  • No Messy Glue
  • No Extensions
  • Toxin-Free
  • Last All Day
  • Easy Removal
  • Wind-Resistant & Waterproof

How Do the Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Work?

This magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes work with ultra-fine magnetic particles that are comfortable to wear and work with.

Simply apply the eyeliner on the lids according to your desired style.

The magnetic lashes will effortlessly adhere to the eyeliner.


Ditch the Traditional Lashes and Go for the Magnetic

Seconds to enhance your beauty whole day!

Skip multiple processes when you use the magnetic lashes. The time you spend in drying lash glue can be saved when you just apply the magnetic eyeliner. Stick the magnetic lashes and you're good to go!

💗Simple and easy to apply, no makeup experience needed.

💗Waterproof magnetic eyeliner.

💗High quality and reusable eyelashes.

Tips on Applying the Eyeliner
- For regular use, you can draw the line on the lids however you want to. There are no hard rules to a power eyeliner!
- When using with a pair of magnetic lashes, ensure to draw on a line that is thick enough for the lashes to stick on. Repeat the process until it can fully support and hold the lashes on your eyes.
- Do not leave the tube open for a very long time. Air can go inside the tube and can dry the liquid inside very easily.


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