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Handy Eyelash Self-Adhesive Strips : No need to use extra tools to remove the self-adhesive strips, our self-adhesive strips just need to be ripped from the paper by hand.

Package Contains 6 Boxes : The set contains 6 boxes of self-adhesive strips, and each box contains 10 self-adhesive strips (five pairs). As shown, each strip is separate on the paper.

Suitable for Beginners : The method of use is very simple, put the eyelashes on the adhesive strip, hold the paper in one hand and the eyelashes in the other hand, and slowly remove the self-adhesive strip from the paper.

Suitable for Most Eyelashes : The length of each self-adhesive strip is 36mm. It can be used for almost all strip false eyelashes. Eyelash glue is not required any more. Also you won't get into trouble of how to wear magnetic false eyelashes anymore.

No Residue and No Damage : Our self-adhesive eyelash adhesive strips are very easy to remove, and tear off without leaving marks on your eyelids, so you don't have to worry about any damage to your eyelids.


Product Manual

How to Apply?

1.Take out a piece of self-adhesive lash strip paper , be careful not to touch the adhesive strip with your hands.

2.Line up and place eyelash onto adheseive strip. Starting from one side of the eyelash and gently stick the eyelash to the self-adhesive lash strip  by fingers until the other side.

3.Hold the strip paper in one hand,hold the eyelash stem by the other hand and slowly remove the self-adhesive strip from the paper.

4.According to the length of your eyelid, use small scissor or nail clipper to trim off the excess part of the eyelash stem.

5.Hold the false eyelashes with your fingers and apply the eyelashes directly to the eyelid.No need for other tools or eyelash glue to wear false eyelashes securely.

How to Remove?

1.To remove the false eyelashes, gently peel off lash strip starting at outer corner.You will find that there will be no adhesive strip residue on your eyelid.

2.To reuse your false eyelashes, peel off used self-adhesive strip and place lashes back on tray.Your eyelashes will be as clean as ever.Just stick a new self-adhesive lash strip on the next use.



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