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  • New way to apply false eyelashes with these self-adhesive lash strips on applicactors: by the use of this semicircular applicator, everyone can stick eyelash to the adhesive strip easily. And then you can apply the lashes to your eyelid easily without waiting for anything to dry.
  • No glue & no magnets, no mess anymore:especially for women who want an alternative to lash glue or magnetic lashes. Eyelash glue is irritating to most people's eyes so that you may be allergic to most kinds of lash glues,and magnetic eyeliner is also harmful to those who have dry eyes or sensitive eyes.That's why this product come out.
  • Stay on sticky, peel off easily: with these strong stickiness self-adhesive lash strips,your fake lashes can stay on your eyelid all day long no matter you are running, working or dancing.To peel off,just tear the false eyelashes off by your hand,it doesn't leave residue on your eyelid,and then clean your fake lashes afterward for the next use.Also the adhesive strips can come off easily too with oily makeup remover without ripping out your eyelashes.
  • Turn every pair of your false lashes into reusable self-adhesive eyelashes:single length of the adhesive lash strip is 35mm, it suits for all kinds of strip false eyelashes.After you peel off the false eyelash from the applicator,use a small scissor to cut the fake eyelash to the length of your eyelid and then apply it to your eyelid. Your lash life will become so easy.
  • Package includes: 3 sets self-adhesive lash strip applicators, every applicator has 10 pcs of adhesive lash strips which can be used for up to 15 pairs of false eyelashes.....❤Please note❤ Do not draw eyeliner before applying false eyelashes, otherwise it will affect the stickiness of the self-adhesive strip. Draw eyeliner after you applying the lashes and then fill up your eyeliner. ( The self-adhesive strip is part of the eyeliner )


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