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4 Batteries Long Lasting : Can put 4 AA batteries, long standby time, no need to replace the batteries frequently, more convenient and durable.

Easy to Apply :Install four AA batteries, turn on the switch and aim at the thick and rough skin on the soles of your feet to easily trim. Enjoy Happy Feet with this quick and simple foot buff treatment at home.

2 Different Grinding Head : Exfoliating sand pad, effectively remove aging horny, pedicure grinding disc, effectively remove tough skin and horny, make the skin smooth and delicate.

Convient and Effecient : The sleek and small area design fits the foot better, can be used anywhere on the foot, can be disassembled and replaced, and the side switch design is convenient and quick.

Beautiful and Healthy Feet : Cruel methods such as peeling off, tearing, pulling, and pulling of new skin and old skin will cause skin damage. This problem can be solved perfectly by using an electric pedicure device.



Wholesale Eyelashes

We’re the manufacturer of false eyelashes to provide false eyelashes with best quality, most reasonable price and style in vogue. The wholesale price and volume are displayed on each product page.

Here are the hot eyelashes to recommend:

Real Mink Lashes

Fake Mink Lashes

4D Mink Lashes

Magnetic Lashes

Mink Eyelashes 5 Pairs

False Eyelash Applicator

Eyelash Extension


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